Wellon Bridgers

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about the artist

"For me, painting has become a means to see Truth all around us. It is a creative exploration of the challenges + beauty of life, rooted always in the hope of our Creator who brings light from darkness and strength from weakness.

My prayerful hope is that my work will speak Truth to you when and how you need it."

artist + advocate + mama + wife

Wellon is a self-taught artist who stumbled upon the creative world of painting. With a background in English and French (Auburn and Wake Forest Universities), she taught for several years in the high school and university setting and developed service learning programs in the nonprofit setting.

Wellon serves full time with Mwana Villages, a ministry empowering the vulnerable in the Republic of Congo. Wellon + Stephen have four (playful, creative, determined and spunky) children: Fitz, Chloe, Daniel and Leila. The Bridgers reside in Birmingham, Alabama.


art for advocacy

Wellon + Stephen learned about the global orphan crisis through their own journey of adoption. When their eyes were opened to the exploitation of vulnerable families, they determined to use their own heartbreaking story of an unethical adoption experience to share with others that there is another way. Dignity can be upheld.

When they came to know Mwana Villages and its priority of family reunification and empowering vulnerable women, the Bridgers knew this was the ministry they wanted to be involved with. Now several years later, their two youngest children joined their family from Mwana (Republic of Congo) and Wellon currently serves as the organization's U.S. Director.. You can learn more about their journey to Leila and Daniel in this short documentary by The Archibald Project.